Jenkins County Retired Educators Documents


Jenkins County Retired Educators Association


Article 1. Name, Mission, and Motto

A. The name of the organization shall be the Jenkins County Retired Educators Association.

B. The organization is committed to uniting retired educators in Jenkins County for fellowship, support, and continued educational and community service. Policies and objectives of the organization will seek to improve benefits for all retired educators through cooperation with state and national organizations.

C. The motto shall be “Bee enthusiastic, Bee Excited, Bee Energetic, Bee GREA.”

Article II. Objectives

A. To provide an organizational basis for continuing identity with the teaching profession and

to further the betterment of education in Jenkins County.

B. To promote programs beneficial to retired educators.

C. To cooperate with organized groups having similar concerns.

D. To encourage fellowship among retired educators.

E. To present the image of aging as one of independence and purpose.

F. To encourage active educators to prepare for retirement.

G. To work legislatively to improve retirement benefits of retired educators.

Article III. Membership

    1. Upon payment of regular membership dues, membership shall be granted to any person who has retired or intends to retire from the field of education, or who receives a monthly benefit check from the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia. Only members with GREA regular membership shall have the right to vote or hold office.

    2. Emeritus membership shall be granted to current GREA members who have been members for the past five years and who are at least ninety years old.

    3. Upon payment of life regular membership dues, membership shall be granted to any person who has retired or intends to retire from the field of education or who receives a monthly benefit check from TRS of Georgia.

    4. Regular MEMBERSHIP (Automatic Dues Deduction Plan) dues are automatically deducted from the member’s monthly TRS pension check. The member must sign a permission form to start the monthly deductions and sign a form to stop the process.

    5. The membership year shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of each year.

    6. Local membership dues are $15.00 per year.

    7. A member shall cease to be a member of the Association if such member resigns by giving notice in writing to the president, or such member fails to pay dues.

Article IV. Officers – Duties

      1. Officers of Jenkins County Retired Educators Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Chaplain.

      2. All officers shall be elected by the membership for a two-year term.

      3. Nominations for all officers to be elected shall be submitted by one week before the April meeting.

      4. The president shall preside at all meetings and shall perform the duties which usually pertain to the office of the president.

      5. The president shall appoint the committee chairs and members of the committee and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

      6. The vice-president shall serve as program chairman.

      7. The secretary shall keep the minutes of the meeting.

      8. The treasurer shall sign all checks and present financial reports to the association.

      9. The chaplain shall provide for a devotional at the beginning of each meeting.

      10. The parliamentarian shall govern all procedures at meetings according to the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article V. Committees

Committees shall include Program, Community Services; Sunshine; Legislative; Publicity and Scrapbook; Social; Membership/Nominations & Elections; and Budget/Dues.

Past Presidents

Organized as Burke-Jenkins Retired Teachers Association

April 25, 1974

1974-75 – Lucile Sessions

1975-77 – Alpha Lee Carter

1977 – -W. W. Sessions

Name changed to Jenkins County Retired Teachers Association

1978–79 – Anita Gay

1979-80 – Kathleen Davis

1980-81 – Alpha Lee Carter

1981-82 – J.L. Brown

1982-83 – Douglas Strickland

1983-84 – Ann Tallent

1984-86 – D.L. Stephens

1986-88 – Beulah Ramsey

1988-89 – Harriett Lewis

1989-91 – Annie Laurie Stephens

1991-92 – D.L. Stephens

1992-93 – Lillie Mae McDowell

1993-95 – Runette Herrmann

1995-96 – Annie Laurie Stephens

1996-97 – Jo Lake

1997-98 – Joyce Hodges-Hite

Name changed to Jenkins County Retired Educators Association

1998-2000 – Joyce Hodges-Hite

2000-01 – Runette Herrmann

2001-02 – Harriett Lewis

2002-03 – Beulah Ramsey

2003-04 – Jim Hite

2004-05 – Runette Herrmann

2005-07 – Wilma Leonard

2007-08 – Jim Hite

2008-10 – Charles Elmore

2010-12 – Janice Pennington

2012-2014 – Veronica Cowart

2014-15 – Diane Wade

2019-2023 – Wayne Burke